Fraser Strategic Land
Fraser Strategic Land

Why Work With Us?

The team at Fraser Strategic Land are experienced at achieving deliverable planning permissions for high quality development. Our diligent and robust approach to the land promotion process (set out below) ensures that your land is in safe hands.

1. We appraise the land, its context and the local authority’s approach to plan-making to formulate a planning strategy with the best prospect of success.

2. A highly skilled team of technical consultants is appointed entirely at our cost to develop a robust set of proposals for the site. This can include experts in master planners, transport, drainage, landscape, ecology, trees, drainage agricultural land quality, ground investigation and S106 matters.

3. A proactive approach is taken to consulting with the local authority and other third parties. This hands-on approach to fostering relationships with key stakeholders is instrumental in our success.

4. Once planning permission is secured, we carry out the sales process with local and national agents and developers to achieve best value through a competitive tender process. A percentage of the onward sale of the land is provided to Fraser Strategic Land to reflect the risks in carrying out the above.

What Is A Promotion Agreement?

A Promotion Agreement is a simple and transparent legal agreement between a landowner and a land promoter, such as Fraser Strategic Land, to set out their mutual commitment of securing planning permission on the landowner’s site.


The land promoter uses their expertise, experience and funding to secure the planning permission entirely at their risk without the landowner needing to incur any expense. Obtaining planning permission increases the value of the land and makes it more attractive to developers and housebuilders. It will not cost the landowner anything to achieve planning permission. Fraser Strategic Land would be responsible for all legal costs to enter into the Promotion Agreement along with all costs associated with preparing the planning application and the onward sale to a developer.

Upon successfully securing planning permission, the land promoter prepares a comprehensive information pack to market the land and demonstrate its deliverability as an ‘oven-ready’ site which is attractive to developers and housebuilders. The price of the site is based on its open market value
and determined via a competitive tendering process.

Once the land is sold, the land promoter is entitled to a percentage of net sales proceeds. This percentage is agreed with the landowner and set through the Promotion Agreement at the very beginning of the promotion process ensuring complete transparency.

Throughout the entire process, the landowner is kept informed and up-to-date, and the land remains entirely within their use until the point of sale.

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