Fraser Strategic Land
Fraser Strategic Land

Fraser Strategic Land Are Strategic Land Promotion Specialists

Fraser Strategic Land are strategic land promotion specialists. Working in partnership with landowners, we navigate the planning system
to achieve planning permissions which maximise the value and development potential of land.


Through a deep understanding of a local authority’s aspirations and plan-making process we are able to identify sites suitable for development and develop proposals which maximise the prospects of successfully obtaining a deliverable planning permission that is attractive to the market.

Working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the development process, we develop masterplans that are tailored to the characteristics of the site’s context,
are robust and deliverable and provide community and environmental benefits.


Once planning permission has been secured, we invite bids from housebuilders to realise the true value of the land for the owner,
thereby maximising financial return.


We are always looking to identify high quality sites, acquiring land by way of promotion agreement or outright purchase for landowners wishing to dispose of land quickly. We can tailor agreements in a bespoke manner to meet the individual requirements of each landowner and site to ensure we maximise the value that can be obtained for your land.

Placemaking Wales Charter

We are committed to the development of high-quality places for the benefit of communities and are proud signatories of the Placemaking Wales Charter.